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Whee! A new feature!

I just created a new feature which can be used on talk pages. I call them Speech Boxes.

I intend to replace having lines and lines of boring black text in the same font on talk pages. ONE, because it looks ugly and boring, and TWO, It's confusing. I created one for myself to show you guys and tell me what you think.

Googleybear Googleybear - You've got the words to change a nation, but you're biting your tongue ♪

Whee! The new speech boxes. Tell me what you think.

All I type in is:
{{Googleybear|text=MY TEXT HERE}}

It features an image, your name, a signature and the text. I also made my font Century Gothic. I'm going to be using this when I talk on talk pages from now on and I want to know if you will be?

If you would like one you can request me to make you one.

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