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July 13, 2014
  • I live in Sydney
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Blogger
  • I am Male
  • Johnkaboy1992

    hi guys it's Johnkaboy1992 here. I just want to make a update blog about my Scoobypedia account. First i want to say about this is been a year since i've joined and did bit of stuff as well and i know i just want to say from all that time i did a bit uploading photos of scooby dee and i know the story when and what just happen from there and 2 months it's quite a long way to get my account and also have to be aware try not to get my photos get deleted again from the admin and hopefully when i get my account and my photos of scooby dee one more time and that admin was that reason for deleteing my photos and reasons i wasen't get in to trouble those issues but i'm very completely so pissed off and since that happen there's only one thing for…

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  • Johnkaboy1992

    Quick blog

    January 10, 2015 by Johnkaboy1992

    Hey it's Johnkaboy1992 here. I want to have a quick blog whats been happing? And today is Team Scooby Dee's new car launch for the Car of the future. And on 1st of March I'll be announced for Team Scooby Dee's New sponsor and named sponsor announcements will be named on that day so that is my quick blog just want a update plans for Scooby Dee and also announcements for Team Scooby Dee's sponsor will be named sponsored for the McGrath Foundation as well. But will see what named sponsor for scooby dees team will be called soon. Anyway guys that's my quick blog don't forget to commet my other blogs what I've discussed from before I'll see u on the next Blog for scooby Dees named sponsor and announcements. So I'll keep in touch soon.

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  • Johnkaboy1992

    Update Blog

    December 17, 2014 by Johnkaboy1992

    Hi everyone this my update blog what I have been doing stuff from home at the gym and also at collage. It's been while I've my last blog about scooby dee's new episodes in the future and also I did some updates on my edits on scooby dees page and my page and photo uploads and I haven't been on scooby doo fanon almost 2 or 3 weeks and been checking on Facebook, YouTube, news updates on tv been happing. And I did a blog on scooby dee's episode 37th birthday and that was my first blog on that so that was the words I send a message to scooby dee. And I know I have been going to the gym doing bit of cardio and bit of that and some people u may know we had a shock event 2 days ago in Sydney I don't want to say this public or anywhere it was so s…

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  • Johnkaboy1992

    Hi everyone do u know what is today's day is?

    It's Scooby Dee's Episode 37th birthday. 1st October 1977 Yes the beautiful and sweet and kind gorges Scooby Dee I just want to say it has been a long history for scooby dee's first appearance the chiller Diller movie thriller episode just turned 37 today and for Scooby Dee know's all about it but time flies as well. And I just want to say myself to scooby dee as a little message to honour. Dear Scooby Dee it as been 37 years since u debut your first episode appearance back in 1977 and can I say to wish your episode a happy 37th Birthday and it as been a long history Scooby Dee but I know for u and to everyone thinks u are more popular female actress Dane as been a long journey for u.

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  • Johnkaboy1992

    I'm making a blog post Scooby Dees Future Episodes I know the current episodes when Scooby Dee her appearance back in 1977 to 2003 If people wants to have a say or comments that will be great so give any feedback or news any sort of stuff can be interested and talk about Scooby Dees Future Episodes in the coming Scooby Doo seasons.

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