Hi everyone do u know what is today's day is?

It's Scooby Dee's Episode 37th birthday. 1st October 1977 Yes the beautiful and sweet and kind gorges Scooby Dee I just want to say it has been a long history for scooby dee's first appearance the chiller Diller movie thriller episode just turned 37 today and for Scooby Dee know's all about it but time flies as well. And I just want to say myself to scooby dee as a little message to honour. Dear Scooby Dee it as been 37 years since u debut your first episode appearance back in 1977 and can I say to wish your episode a happy 37th Birthday and it as been a long history Scooby Dee but I know for u and to everyone thinks u are more popular female actress Dane as been a long journey for u.

ScoobyDee ScoobyDee2 ScoobyDee3 ScoobyDee4

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