hi guys it's Johnkaboy1992 here. I just want to make a update blog about my Scoobypedia account. First i want to say about this is been a year since i've joined and did bit of stuff as well and i know i just want to say from all that time i did a bit uploading photos of scooby dee and i know the story when and what just happen from there and 2 months it's quite a long way to get my account and also have to be aware try not to get my photos get deleted again from the admin and hopefully when i get my account and my photos of scooby dee one more time and that admin was that reason for deleteing my photos and reasons i wasen't get in to trouble those issues but i'm very completely so pissed off and since that happen there's only one thing for me to do for that is redo that again and hope i don't get a repeat. So yeah.

That's all i have to say for now.

And before i complete my update blog quick message to the admin from Scoobypedia.

Anythingspossibleforapossible if u r reading this i hope u lerned your lesson and respects mate when i get my account and this time i will not able to see your messages and reasons also can i just say to word "animal" what u said sinces i got banned mate u better watch that mouth of yours what u said I'm not an animal thank u very much. and also i will get my photos of scooby dee back pretty soon and this time i am not going to put up with your issues and deleteing my photos just like whatever reason i'm doing this for and also i will keep an eye my photos dosen't get deleted and one more thing.

Enough is Enough.

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