• Hi, Warner Brothers!

Okay, here's my Scooby doo Puppet Film Idea:

This one will be a musical like Sesame Street with 2 different villians (I don't mean the parrot and gnarlybeard the pirate) I mean the ghost of count dracula and his wife, countess dracula. It will be called, "Scooby-Doo! Adventures: Dracula's Revenge" This takes place in Central America; can involve Scooby Doo having a crush on a White poodle named Blanc Fluffé (Fluffy White), Daphne doesn't like vampires anymore, and Fred seeing that Blanc Fluffe's owner is actually going to sell the museum. 4 villain guest stars, Jeff Bennet will do the villain singing voice of Count Dracula. Neil Patrick Harris will sing while voicing a museum tour guide with enthusiam (Will not be the villian)

Guest Voices:

Fran Brill: Blanc Fluffé

Blanc Fluffe's owner: Liam Payne from One Direction (His real name is Eric Bronzo)

Neil Patrick Harris: Brandy Ball (Enthusiastic tour guide from the museum of Count Dracula, dissaproves his younger sister's criticisms)

Villain Guest Voices

Frank Oz: Count Dracula

Emily Blunt: Countess Dracula

Demi Lavato: Bellie Ball (Brandy Ball's younger sister thinks his older brother is childish)

Singing Voices:

Fred Jones: Steve Whitmire

Velma Dinkley: Leslie Carrara Rudolph

Villain Singing Voices:

Count Dracula: Jeff Bennet

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