Excuse me, Warner Brothers, after when you're done with the scooby doo movies and TV shows, can you put on some shorts, too, please? It's like "Looney Tunes" like shorts and "Blue's Musical Movie" like a musical, but with Mystery Incorporated taking a break from solving mysteries. 

Add some singing voices, voice actors and characters, please.



Fred Jones  - Voice: Frank Welker - Singing Voice: Ed Robertson

Velma Dinkley - Voice: Kate Micucci

Guest Stars:

Shaggy's brother Sherman Rogers (Not afraid, nice to Shaggy, older than him, no sibling rivalry,) - Voice: Shia LeBouf - Singing Voice: Adam Levine

Randall Bonshovi (Fred's Man-Crush, nice, no longer his rival for Daphne, taller than Fred, like a father to him, muscular) - Voice and Singing: Arnold Schwartzenegger

Riley O'Gannon-Red (Fiesty, not afraid, 5 years old, wants to be like Fred Jones, has lots of friends, does everything she wants, obeys her parents) - Voice and Singing: Anna Kendrick 

Jonathon Red (Riley's father, city boy, wears sunglasses because he's blind) Voice and Singing: Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan)

Debby O'Gannon (Riley's mother, small-town girl, cool and calm) - Voice and Singing: Kaley Cuoco

Chelsea LeJones (Fred's 5-year-old cousin from France, rich, but not spoiled, generous) - Voice and Singing: Ariana Grande

Darwin G. Blake (Daphne's Uncle, comedian, rich, nice to everyone *including Fred*, loves children, generous to the poor, helpful to the orphans) - Voice & Singing: James Corden  

Velma's old friends, DannyLibby & Shoie (Old friends from middle school. {Danny, British - White skin} {Libby - Tan} {Shoie, Chinese - White} 2 has glasses, 1 has a bow tie, 1 has a plaid skirt.) - Danny McBenson - Voice: Gregg Sulkin - Singing: Daniel Howell (Danisnotonfire), Libby Kelster - Voice and Singing: Tara Strong, Shoie Ho - Voice and Singing: Jackie Chan

Eastwood Stone (Son of Sheriff Bronson Stone, 5 years old, had a crush on Riley O'Gannon-Red) -  Voice: Jeff Bennett - Singing Voice - Mitch Grassi

Yosemite Sam - "When I say whoa, I mean WHOA!"

Yosemite Sam - "When I say whoa, I mean WHOA!"

Blues Big Musical G Clef (Ray Charles)

Blues Big Musical G Clef (Ray Charles)