The wind howled and the rain pelted the ground. Suddenly a woman burst out of the pub screaming and running for her life. A shadow was chasing her.  Suddenly she was gone.

"Freddie," Daphne moaned,"where are we?"

"Like yeah. Where are we Fred?" Shaggy asked.

"Were in Ghoul Town,"Fred replied.

"Rikes. Ghoul Town!"Scooby howled, jumping into Shaggy ams and shaking.

"Its not that kind of ghoul town Scooby," Velma said, calming Scooby-Doo and Shaggy a little bit.

The door of the inn opened with a creak. Fred went over to the bar and the man behind the bar took the five mystery solving friends to their four bedroom apartment.

"Rikes," Scooby yelled obzerving the cobwebby, musty room.

Two yellow eyes were staring at the gang. It was a werewolf.

"Jinkies,"Velma cried. The fearful gang ran out of the door the werewolf on their tail. It was then that Fred remembered that rock in hs pocket. He threw rock and hit the werewolf on the head. Daphne unaskedcit. "Sola,"came a voice from behind the gang.

They all turned."I am Sola's husband, Eltoro,"Eltoro said.

"I  did it because of the the I can't say,"Sola stuttered.

"Its jail for you ladie,"Fred announced.

The police man comes and takes Sola away. "Scooby doooby  doo!" cheered Scooby-Doo!

"Scooby dooby doo!"cheers Scooby.

The End.

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