Carnivore at the CarnivalEdit

             Plot: The mystery inc. gang think that they've finally gotten a break from monster chasing, when they realize that there's a furry fiend named the Horrid Hyena scaring away everyone at the annual star dance! 


Alfred Norcan thought carnivals were too dangerous
Mr. Carman his young daughter dragged him to the star dance every year
Allison Rodnik Could never get a date for the dance

Culprit  & motive: Xavier Rodnik knew that his sister, Allison Rodnik, was upset because she could never get a date for the star dance, so he attempted to permamently end the event to help allison get over her sadness. He did this by dressing up as the horrid hyena.

  More About the VillainEdit

The horrid hyena has the abillity to control fire and fly, which was made possible by Xavier's gasoline tank, lighter, and jetpack on the exoskeleton created by his genius father.

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