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Where's the Scooby - TV program. It has got 20 episodes in one series. Actually it has got three seasons.

Informations about episodes Edit

Series/Season 1 Edit

Episode Number Monster Place Description Title Music in chase scene
1 Ghost of lord Vincent von Cake I Von Cake Manor Lord Vincent von Cake III, the friend of Velma's aunt Wilma, invited Mystery Inc. to his Manor. Unexpectedly, ghost of von Cake's grandpa starts scaring... The Ghostly Lord in his Cake Fort Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
2 Creepy picture thief Stadium and museum of ,,Chiefs" Scooby and friend is going to baseball stadium for team ,,Chiefs" final match. Suddenly, mysterious black thief is stolen the ancient pictures from team's museum. Mystery Inc. want to solve this mystery! The Picture Thief from Stadium of ,,Chiefs" Moja Eneida (Enej)
3 Mummy of pharaoh Flakes Pharaoh Flakes's Pyramid and Shabar Al Kazahr Velma's friend, an archeologist Matthew invited Mystery Inc. to his research in Egypt. He finds a ancien sarcophagus with a pharaoh Flakes's mummy inside. But later mummy is stood up from the grave... There's a Mummy Crushing my Tummy I kissed a girl (Katy Perry)
4 Swamp monster Hotel ,,Fisher's" and lagoon Scooby is going to vacation! He and his friends is staying off in a hotel ,,Fisher's". In nearby beautiful lagoon, suddenly appears a swamp monster. Friends and Mr, Fisher is going to unmask this creature! Keep a Kelp Geronimo (Sheppard)
5 Creepy Tree and two zombies Forest and Guesthouse ,,Marty's" Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby is going to Festival of Cheese. But Mystery Machine is suddenly breaks. M.I is staying in Marty's guesthouse - but nearby people supposedly saw a living tree... The Creepy Tree Trap Runaway (Galantis)
6 Huge demon snake Natashiyamoto Cherry tree village in Japan Dr. Natasuki Patataya Miyamoto, a Velma's old teacher, invited detectives to Japan. Nearby his office takes place Snake Carnival. But mascot of this carnival is living... Japanese Legend Call me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)
7 Seven spooky Shaggys i Seven spooky Scoobys Harpers' Camp Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Fred is going to Harper twins camping. In the night, Fred was kidnapped but Shaggy and Scooby have to face with greater concern - there are their spooky version... The Seven Shaggys This One's For you (Zara Larsson)
8 Giant mosquito Restaurant ,,Suaréz" Pedro and Pablo Suaréz has got a restaurant on one of Malaga beachs. Pedro is invited Mystery Inc. to this restaurant. Unsuccesfully, when M.I is arrived in restaurant is appeared a demon mosquito... The Mojito with a Giant Mosquito Bailando (Enrique Iglesias)
9 Cook's ghost Trattoria ,,Italiano" Mystery Inc. is going to Slovakia! Unfortunately, their van is breaked on the way, in Poland. Scooby and Shaggy is enter into the trattoria - but they not know, that this trattoria is haunted... Revelation Revolution Hot n' cold (Katy Perry)
10 Gorilla with pumpkin head Guesthouse ,,Smith's" and ski slope It's time for skies! Mystery Incorporated is going to ski slope for Daphne's school mate - Kelly Smith. Kelly and his grandpa is lead this slope. Unexpectedly, a world class skier was kidnapped by a monkey with pumpkin head... The Truth and Lies About Skies You're never fully dressed without a smile (Sia)
11 Ghost of Henskin the Yellowbird Archeologists' base and old castle in jungle Velma's and Fred's aunts, Helma Dinkley and Frodericka Jones, is an explorers. They, with Mystery Inc., is exploring old aztec temple in jungle. Unexpectedly ghost of aztec leader, Henskin the Yellowbird, kidnappes Helma and Froda. M.I must to help them! The Ghostly Aztec in the Jungle Castle Dark Horse (Katy Perry)
12 Ghost Keeper Old Haunted Lighthouse Jeepers, it's the Keeper! Shake it off (Taylor Swift)
13 Dark Knight Museum in Valers's Castle Non-Honour Hour Blank Space (Taylor Swift)
14 Vampire Cowboy Cole Jameson's rancho and rodeo The Rancho Terror Happy (Pharrell Williams)
15 Spooky Footballer Stadium of ,,Eagles" Spooky Footballer Koko Koko Euro Spoko (Jarzębina)
16 Slime monster Yacht ,,13' Mirror" Time for Slime Why don't you get a job? (The Offspring)
17 Nosferatu Dhrackool Manor Spooky-Doo and a Vampire too Moves like Jagger (Maroon Five)
18 Ghost of Dr. Gibbyneck and ghost of his sidekick Hospital in Coolsville Spooky Scientist Time! It's in his kiss (Cher)
19 Wam-Taa'tiki Tropical jungle and archeologists' base There's a lion demon under the tree of lemon Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
20 Huge lobster Beach in Coolsville The Monster Lobster One more night (Maroon Five)

Notes/Trivia Edit

  • Episode 1 is inspired by book Mr. Car and the Fantomas by Zbigniew Nienacki.

Series/Season 2 Edit

Episode Number Monster Place Description Title Music in chase scene
1 Robo-mantis Dovely's botanical garden Who's Pretents the Big Bad Green Mantis? All about that bass (Meghan Trainor)
2 Ghostly Fisherman Nerdsville Town Predetermine the Fisherman's Plans The Final Countdown (Europe)
3 Ghost of grand-grandpa Doodie-Doo Residence of aunt Scooby-Day and uncle Scooby-Die Try to be Host with a Grandpa Ghost Hey, brother (Avicii)
4 Ghost of homeless man Coolsville Stage at the Village The Night (Avicii)
5 Ptakotwór Jungle, volcano Klipburg andRalanuna town The Frightened Hound Found a Bird on the Mount Jesus he knows me (Genesis)
6 Fruit monster Hawaii beach, jungle and hotel Pursuit of the Fruit Best day of my live (American Authors)

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