" Where The Goo Explodes" is the first episode of "Scooby Doo: Mystery Avenue." In the episode, a dangerous alien biker named Arksastian has been throwing goo bombs everywhere. Scooby Doo and the gang must solve the mystery before Mystery Avenue drowns in alien goo.


The day starts out just fine. Until the Roger's new house seems to be covered in goo! Scooby and the gang meet Brown Bag, a student who wears a brown bag over his head. As Brown Bag leaves, Fred notices a familiar car on the sidewalk. He tries to tell the gang, but the mysterious car is gone.

Later that night, Velma sees the strange car, as she can see someone in it. All of the sudden, Arksastian, the alien, appears. He informs Velma that are forces more powerful than his. He leaves her a little present... and by present we mean a Goo Bomb. Some of the goo gets in her mouth, and she remarks it taste just like Fruitmiers!

The gang investigates, only to find another Fruitmiers downtown! Arksastian appears, throwing goo everywhere. Fred sprung his trap and caught Arksastian. Velma compared all the clues, and took off the mask to reveal... BROWN BAG!

Brown Bag said he was teased at school by bullies, and he wanted revenge, both by making Arksastian and the Fruitmier's Goo Bombs. As he taken away, the strange car parked near the sidewalk, with the henchman of Mr. E and a shadowy figure, the only part showing was a glowing green crystal.

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