This is the transcript for the Scooby-Doo! Are You Scared? episode "You're Not Zoo-ing Anything!".

Transcript Edit

A security guard is guarding the gates of the City Zoo.

Security Guard: "[Whistles]"

A sound is heard from the bushes.

Security Guard: "Huh? Who's there? [Walks over to bushes]"

Two red eyes can be seen looking at him from the shadows.

Security Guard: "Hmmm, nothing. Well, musta been my imagination."

Suddenly a Werewolf jumps out of the bushes.

Security Guard: "Wha-? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! [Drops flashlight]"

The Werewolf jumps at him, but he dodges.

Security Guard: "Leave me alone! Please! Somebody help me! [Runs away]"

The Werewolf chases after him, and the screen goes to his flashlight, lying on the floor.


[Intro Scene]


Scooby and Shaggy are at their home watching TV.

Shaggy: "[Changes the channel] Like, there's nothing good on TV today."

Scooby: "Mhm..."

The phone goes off.

Shaggy: "Wait here, I'll get it. [Stands up and walks to the phone]"

Shaggy picks up the phone.

Shaggy: "Like, hello?"

Seri: "Hey Shaggy! It's me, your cousin Seri!"

Shaggy: "Wow, Seri! Long time ago!"

Seri: "I know right! Anyways, I have this new job at the City Zoo, it's awesome, so yeah, wanna come by?"

Shaggy: "Sure! It would be awesome to see you again, and I bet Scooby will like it too!"

Seri: "All right, see you tommorow! Bye!"

Shaggy: "See ya! [Hangs up]"

Scooby: "Who was it?"

Shaggy: "It's my cousin Seri!"

Scooby: "Seri? You mean, Weird-Geeky Seri, or Crazy-Animal-Lover Seri?"

Shaggy: "Crazy-Animal-Lover Seri!"

Scooby: "YES!"

Shaggy: "Why "YES!"? You don't like the other Seri?"


Shaggy: "Good point."

Scooby: "Very good point."

Shaggy: "[Laughs] Yeah. I'm gonna tell the gang."


Shaggy: "[Calls Fred] Hey, hello? Hey Fred, Shaggy here. My cousin Seri called me-"

Fred: "Seri? You mean, Weird-Geeky Seri, or Crazy-Animal-Lover Seri?"

Shaggy: "Crazy-Animal-Lover Seri. And why is everyone asking that?!"

Fred: "[Whispers] YES!"

Shaggy: "I heard that..."

Fred: "Oh, uh... Heard what?"

Shaggy: "You know what I'm talking about... Anyways, Seri got this new job at the City Zoo, and I thought of going to visit her, would you mind coming?"

Fred: "Sure, got nothing better to do anyways."


The gang is driving to the City Zoo, but sees it's closed.

Daphne: "Why is it closed?"

Fred: "I don't know."

Shaggy: "Hey, there's Seri, I'll go ask her."

The gang steps out of the Mystery Machine and goes over to Seri.

Seri: "But Mr. Longfellow, what do we do no-

Shaggy: "Seri! Hey, Seri!"

Seri: "Huh? [Turns around] Hey! Shaggy!"

Shaggy: "Why's the zoo closed?"

Seri: "I was just asking Mr. Longfellow here."

Mr. Longfellow: "Greetings, my name is Mr. Longfellow. [Shakes Shaggy's hand]"

Shaggy: "My name's Norville Rogers, but you can call me Shaggy, sir."

Mr. Longfellow: "Alright, are you gonna introduce me to the rest of your friends?"

Shaggy: "Sure, these are Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Scooby-Doo."

Mr. Longfellow: "Hey, I love dogs! Especially German Shepherds!"

Scooby: "[Giggles] Thanks... "

Seri: "Alright, enough introductions. Mr. Longfellow, what're we gonna do about this Werewolf problem?"

The Gang: "Werewolf problem?!"

Mr. Longfellow: "One of our security guards was attacked by a Werewolf last night. I wish we had someone to work on this case..."

Seri: "Wait, Shaggy and his friends are mystery solvers, they can help!"

Mr. Longfellow: "Really? Splendid!"

Fred: "Where was the Werewolf last seen, Mr. Longfellow?"

Mr. Longfellow: "Follow me."



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