You oughta be in papers

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Episode You oughta be in papers
Series The Three Scoobies
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Previous Episode Popping scare
Next Episode TBA

You oughta be in papers" is the third episode of The Three Scoobies


Students at a photography school are being attacked by a Camera Woman, and when the gang comes to solve this mystery, they keep running into students there who want the inside story as well. Could one of these students be flashing behind this? or is just a teacher pulling a mean prank?


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Suspect Motive/reason
Nita Thomas and Grumpy Paws in order to get a story for the school's next picture
the Cornerone brothers they each left right before the camera woman attacked
Kaleen Brownsmith she was strangely sneaking around
Peally Donnersant she hated that the school never used her stories
Mr. McCormick he said that there was nothing interesting about the school
Culprit Motive/reason
Peally Donnersant as the Camera woman in order make a story that the teachers would definitely use for the school's next newpaper


  • Coolsville Grammar School

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